Panty Peril

Welcome to the strange erotic world of Panty Peril, a world in which half-naked women writhe and squirm in scenes of bondage and voyeurism. See gorgeous captives suffering sexual humiliation in brutal women's jails, where ropes, chains, whips and canes are the tools of the trade. See sadistic lesbian jailers join their male colleagues to inflict erotic punishments, especially when welcoming newly-arrived prisoners.

In war-ravaged towns, lust-crazed soldiers strip terrified female captives in preparation for a savage gangbang. Meanwhile, in quiet suburban streets and secluded college dorms, pretty girls innocently take off their clothes under the leering gaze of male and female voyeurs.

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Pantygirl Captives Pantygirls in Prison

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The pictures on Panty Peril are produced by Bren, mostly using photo-manipulation but with some Poser art and freehand drawing too.