Erotic Art


Panty Peril

"Oh… There you are… Hi… I'm here to show you around this sizzling website. There are many galleries to choose from and include graphic comics. If you like a sexy lady in panties this is the site for you. They are the stuff that boyhood dreams are made of. Those secret garments women wear beneath their clothes. Those taboo pieces of cotton or silk, satin or lace, holding captive the true treasures that only grown-ups can worship. When you were young you dreamt of them but now your boyhood dreams are going to come true!

Here inside Panty Peril, the women are taking off their skirts, long and short. They're tossing aside their jeans and slacks. And they are revealing the secrets beneath! Panties! We've got them in so many sizes and shapes, so many designs. And every pair is sported by a woman in peril! You like looking at my panties? Oh… I suppose they are cute the way they stretch over my tight bottom… gulps I can see you like that… Let's continue with the peek in this site… Sometimes she is the captive of foreign armies, her wares being flaunted before she is surely forced into acts of lust. Sometimes she is a silly, foolish college student, so tempting in her lacy panties. There are many erotic art galleries to look at. moans softly Yes… My panties are getting wet peeking in the erotic art galleries.

Stripped to their panties, the young women can find themselves suffering a whip across each of their rounded butt cheeks. In the graphic stories we follow the punishment of Sally. Her crime… She arrived late to work one morning. She was sent to her boss's office where she found out he has an unusual way of punishing those workers that are late. Under threat of losing her job, Sally is forced to take her dress off leaving her in her dainty lace panties. Her boss takes delight in leaving ten welts across her tight bottom. After her punishment, Sally is allowed to get dressed. She promises never to be late for work again. Oh… jumps as your hand comes down on her firm bottom I'm glad you liked this little peek at Panty Peril… I'm sure you'll find your own fantasy in here somewhere! I'll see you again soon…"


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